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Useful Information & Tips


You`ll find the festival at Huckfest Bike Park at Ål ski resort. Ål is situated in the middle of Oslo and Bergen. The railway stops at Ål, and from the station there are aprox. 10 km to the festival site. Local bus, taxi or thumb is the best solution to get from the station. Check out www.vy.no for train schedules. If you come by car plot your goole maps on Veslestølvegen 95. The festival is located between Gol and Geilo. Follow signs towards Vats.


At the festival camp you can park and put up your tent / lavo or caravan. Note that you need a festival pass to stay at the camp. At the camp you have access to shower, toilet and bike wash. Unfortunately, we have limited capacity on the shower system.


If you have a festival pass you can park your car at the festival camp and leave it there until Sunday. Throughout the weekend you can use our shuttle service.


\\ Camping area
The festival farm is located in the middle of the ski resort of Ål, with bike in/out to Huckfest Bike Park. If you do not have a festival pass you will unfortunately have to find another place to camp. In the festival area there are showers and toilets. Remember to lock the bike in the evening. We do not have a bicycles storage.

\\ Opening hours
The festival and the camp opens on July 2nd at 12:00. Sunday July 5th it´s time to leave. 

\\  Registration and bus departures

Pick up your personal festival pass at the festival office on arrival. Remember to sign the self declaration form. Thursday, the first buses depart from the parking lot at 14:00. Keep in mind that the meeting point is at the expo. area 15 min. before departure. For tour registration you need the application Vipps. If you do not have Vipps then send us an email with your booking details. The buses leaves from the same place Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


\\ Age limit
There is free age limit on the festival area during the daytime and during the Fest Series show on Saturday. In the evening there is a 18-year age limit at the campsite and at the festival ground.


\\ Prices and payment method
A good selection of food and drinks is sold at the festival area. You can use card, cash and mobile payment Vipps. Due to slow connection at the terminals it is advisable to have cash available

\\ Festival Pass

If you have purchased a festival pass you are registered on our lists and can pick up your festival bracelet at the festival office. With the festival pass you are welcome to stay at the festival camp and you get access to participate on guided tours and lift pass at Huckfest Bike Park


\\ Lodging

With the festival pass you are welcome to stay at the camp site. Here you can put up your tent / lavvo or park your caravan / car. There are shower and toilet facilities at the service building, but unfortunately it is limited with power outlets. Please note that this is not a 100% flat campsite... If you want a quiet space to sleep, it is possible to set up a tent at the bottom of Huckfest Bike Park or at the top (by the vending wheel). There are also numerous of other accommodations, and if you like really good comfort, we recommend Hallingdal Feriepark


\\ Dining

Throughout the festival it is possible to buy food and drinks. We also serve breakfast Friday, Saturday and Sunday! 








We seek out sponsorships from companies and organizations we believe in. Sharing our vision of building a community-inspired festival. Our sponsors play a crucial part in making this event a reality. If you want to join our growing list of sponsors contact us today.

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